permanent makeup


Permanent lipstick

The lip liner and full lip color procedure will enhance the natural beauty of the lips by enhancing the lip size, definition, shape and color. There are many colors to choose from ranging from natural tints to vibrant color. No more bleeding lipstick!


microbladed or permanent brows

Eyebrows are a must for those who have little or none. This procedure fills in the brow, reshapes or creates brows where there are none. No more worrying about swimming or sports on warm days and the washing or sweating away of your brows.


PERmanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is recommended for clients who wear pencil or liquid eyeliner daily and would like to save time on applying it. One of the greatest advantages of permanent eyeliner is that it will never run! Permanent eyeliner can be applied on the lower liner, upper line or wet tissue.